I Witnessed That!!!

Restaurant: Wok to Walk

My Rate: 8/10

Location: 42 Union Square E, New York, NY 10003

I hate McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, et cetera. They even smell disgusting, but that’s just my personal opinion. I don’t even know why people bother going to fast food places. Nonetheless, Wok to Walk isn’t like the others. Wok to Walk is different.

Located on Union Square, this noodle place is filed with various ingredients to choose from along with a variety of noodles to accommodate any costumers taste. My personal favorite order is Udon noodles with shrimp made with the Hot Asian sauce. Its sauce is pretty spicy and I’ve never finished eating this without crying once, but it’s totally worth it! They make all their noodles on a wok, which is a type of pan used for frying usually in Chinese cooking, hence the name of the restaurant “Wok to Walk.”

The inside of the restaurant is pretty small, honestly, so I usually like to take the noodles to go. Whilst waiting for my noodles, I have to admit, it’s pretty fun watching people make the noodles, especially when the pan goes on fire… but it’s totally safe I promise. The drinks there aren’t too good, though, which is why I’m rating this place an 8/10. You see, for many spicy dishes they provide it’s almost crucial to have a drink with you, but whenever I bought a drink at Wok to Walk their drinks either room temperature or really warm.

Aside from the beverages provided and the size of the restaurant, I’d say the food’s taste makes up for everything! It’s all so oishi! Haha!

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I like anime and rice balls hence the name @onigirionline lol

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