Belated Otaku Day!

Ohayou Minna~

This has been such a long week! As I was on the subway going home, I was looking through wordpress posts, and I saw that it was otaku day! I started freaking out (in my head though because I was still on the train haha) due to how unprepared I was. I still feel very unprepared, and I do not feel like a celebrated otaku day properly, but there’s an extent to how long I should take to write this, and it can’t be too late.

So I’ll start of with why I love anime and manga. Haha… Well… You see, I have a lot (and I mean A LOT) of bad luck and, to be pretty frank, I’m the most socially awkward person ever. On top of that I’m bad at keeping up with friends and horrible at maintaining long friendships. I just do not understand how this whole socializing thing works, and I probably never will. However, when I started watching anime all my stress from friends, parents, and other personal stuff was all forgotten. When I see characters I can relate to do something fierce, I’m always filled with hope!


Sometimes I’m really glad I can relate to character like Tsukimi, but other times I relate to the most annoying characters in the world. I feel like Usopp a lot, especially when I’m in huge groups. I start to wonder how they tolerate me. Unlike Usopp I don’t have awesome friends like Luffy or Nami that support me no matter how annoying I get, but watching Usopp with his friends makes me think some day I will. Furthermore proving how much hope anime gives, the main reason I like it so much.


Another reason I love anime is because it motivates me. As I said previously I have loads of bad luck! My life pretty much sucks, not as much as others, but still. A lot of times I feel like the universe is out to get me. Everything bad that’s happened to me has happened in New York. I’m not saying New York is a horrible place, but for me sometimes it is. Because of anime, though, I’ve become aware of Japan from an early age, and I know that there’s absolutely nothing that will remind me of New York there. That’s why one day I want to go there and never look back. So I have to work hard constantly to reach my goal to get there, that’s when characters like Shizuku come in and inspire me to do so. Characters like Shizuku always motivate me to work harder.


There’s about a million more reasons I can think of for why I absolutely love anime and manga, but I’ll just list one more to make this brief. I love anime because it’s an escape. In fact, anime/manga is my escapism because life is overwhelming and it’s not all flowers and attractive boys in real life…

tamaki senpai.gif

Except for when I watch anime then it is. My point is, once one joins a fandom they aren’t too focused on something from school or person stuff, but mainly that anime or if a new manga chapter that has been translated. Bad things tend to matter less when you have distraction as awesome as anime! Or at least, that’s how it is for me.

In conclusion, I love anime sooooooooo much! That’s really all this post comes down to. I’m appreciative to live in a world where anime exists. As I previously stated the main reasons why I love anime is because it gives me hope, motivates me, and is my escapism, which is why I never take anime for granted. This probably one of the most cliche things I’ve said, but anime has truly gotten me through a lot. I can proudly call myself an otaku for these reasons, though.

Why do you love anime? Feel free to comment! ❤️

~Bye bye friends!