Under fun!! is the 日本語 めがね category where I speak about my life through Japanese glasses, where I’m doing/seeing things differently (get the pun lol), and speaking about my Japanese studies. 10 is a category where are make lists of 1o! And ストレーギ  ライフ or rather “strange life” is a category where I speak of events or things that have a lot to do with me and/or my opinion all relating to either anime, manga, or Japan. Sometimes funny stories will also be in strange life.

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These are all things I think of as fun which is why they follow under the Fun!! page. Not that I think the other pages here aren’t fun, they are, but they’re very specific pages with specific categories, whereas this one is more broad and has an even bigger relation to me. I hope everyone can enjoy this and find it interesting when I add more posts to it! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ