Living Dining Kitchen

Manga: L-DK

Mangaka: Ayu Watanabe

Genre: Shoujo, School Life, Romance

My Rate: 8/10

L-DK by Ayu Watanabe is a shoujo manga about Aoi Nishimori who witnesses her friend being rejected by Shuusei Kugayama which makes her hate Shuusei at first. However, soon enough she discovers that Shuusei is her next door neighbor in the building she recently moved into, and after destroying his apartment (accidentally) he moves in with her until his apartment is fixed. This makes Aoi slowly fall for Shuusei and see that there’s more to him than it may seem.

I, personally, have never lived with a male my age, so unlike other shoujo manga where I can somewhat relate to the characters insecurities, this manga opened a brand new perspective of how it would be like to live with someone else in general. Aoi and Shuusei come across many obstacles and instead of running away from there problems each time one of them found away to step and face their issues, which I found really inspiring.

Immediately after I finished the first 50 chapters translated and found out the first volume of L-DK came out here in the U.S. I purchased it. Now every time a new volume comes out of L-DK I purchase it to support the mangaka. So if it isn’t obvious I am quite fond of the series. Watanabe never fails to illustrate Shuusei’s character in way that makes my heart flutter. At first, like Aoi, I didn’t like Shuusei so much and there where some moments (like when his brother came about) where I was completely frustrated with Shuusei’s actions, but like Aoi I also fell in love with Shuusei. The series is still ongoing, so I cannot make a final judgement about the ending of the manga. Still with what’s released so far, I would definitely hope for an anime adaptation!

The only thing I would say is questionable is the plot. I, coincidentally, came across a manga that was very similar to L-DK but was released 16 years before. Good Morning Call by Yue Takasuka had a very similar plot where the main characters ended up living together because of real estate fraud. Ignoring the fact that characters from each manga live together there are several other differences to each manga. I will uncover more information about this and shall make another post about this issue, soon so stay tuned! Nevertheless, my opinion on L-DK is still the same because I read it first. I think it is a marvelous manga.