All About ME


I thought I should share a bit about myself, so here ya go! ^-^

I’m an energetic otaku who loves anime, of course, books, and food! I love to write, most of all! I am a huge Gudetama and Rilakkuma fan! One of my favorite anime are Hunter X Hunter, Tokyo Ghoul (mainly season 1), Ao Haru Ride (also known as Blue Spring Ride), and Clannad as well as Clannad After Story. I mainly find myself reading shoujo manga, horror manga, and dystopian novels.

My favorite foods are sushi, linguine, riceballs, anything my parents cook is top notch, and pizza! Also I have a cat named Jerry, who I love so much! That’s all I can think up about myself right now. Oh, also I’ve lived in NYC my whole life and hope to move to Akihabara some day, hehe!

I sound like such a weeaboo, oh well!

Bye bye~